Safety & Health Guidelines

Visitation Protocols & Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Masks are no longer required but encouraged if you have not been vaccinated when you first enter.

  2. If a client requests to have their therapist wear a mask they may do so for the duration of their visit.

  3. Therapist are not required to wear masks if they are vaccinated but are not prohibited from doing so if they so wish.

  4. Customers are encouraged to wash their hands with hand soap for up to 20 seconds before they can begin their session.  Please make arrangements to arrive 5 minutes early to complete this task along any paperwork that needs to be filled out.  If you do not have a mask, one may be provided for you upon request. 

  5. Staff will also be required to wash their hands with hand soap water for up to 20 seconds before and after the the session.  Gloves may be worn during session.

  6. Rooms will use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with particular attention paid to high-touch items such as lotion and oil pumps, door handles and face cradles.

  7. Public Spaces will have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting with a focus on the counter at the front desk, waiting room, door handles and public bathrooms.

  8. Back of House: In the spaces where associates work “behind the scenes,” spas are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like associate entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms and kitchen sink.

  9. We will abide by state and federal safety protocols, CDC guidelines and reserve the right to enforce or extend safety measures beyond the scope of the government authority to ensure your safety and health as per our right as a private company.


As a last resort, we will close the store if we feel it is in the best interest of our customers and employees, or if we are directed to do so by government authorities. In any such situation, we expect store disruption to be temporary.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. It is our intent to remain transparent and cooperate with state and local authorities. Relax Myora’s resilience is owed to our unwavering Mission to heal and nurture the human body and spirit – one person, one muscle, one face and one life at a time.

We are privileged to serve you and the community and look forward to seeing you soon.

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