About Our Packages

The Pamper Package

Duration: 2 hours

This package is the ultimate in luxury.  Get pampered by one of our top-level massage therapists with 120 minutes of a full-body massage tailored to your needs.  Relax and unwind while we exfoliate and nourish your tired working hands and feet with our warm aromatic sugar scrub. Melt away tension with a gentle face and scalp rub followed by a moisturizer-infused steam towel and calming eye compress to help de-puff the areas around the eyes. Let the full body massage melt away the world with the soothing glide of hot stones over tired muscles. A delight for all of your senses; two hours of head to toe pampering. This is an experience you will want to remember and repeat.

Price: $250

1st Time Clients and Members

Returning Guests Pay: $295

Valued At: $340.00

The Pampered Pair

Duration: 2 hours

Indulge in a truly enchanting experience that celebrates the bond you share with your beloved with our couple’s massage– a two-hour journey that’s designed to deepen your connection. Imagine being cocooned in a haven of relaxation, side by side, with the one who means the world to you. Here, every luxurious element from our pamper package is not just included, but magnificently doubled for our couples’ room.

As both of you surrender to the soothing atmosphere, we lavish your overworked hands and tired feet with our warm, aromatic sugar scrub. The stresses of the day melt away in parallel, as skilled hands gently work their magic on your faces and scalps, followed by the comforting embrace of a moisturizer-infused steam towel. Even a fleeting moment spent away from each other is eclipsed by the serene sensation of a calming eye compress, relieving any lingering stress around your eyes. And then, the pièce de résistance – a full-body massage that harmoniously synchronizes with the gentle glide of hot stones, melting away the cares of the world from your weary muscles.

This is a symphony of sensory delight, a glorious two-hour journey that lavishes pampering from head to toe, side by side. It’s an experience that etches itself into your memories and beckons to be relived. Together, you’ll create a cherished memory, one you’ll want to revisit time and time again.

Price: $500

1st Visit Clients and Members

Returning Guests Pay: $600

Valued At: $700

M.U.S.T. have Package

Duration: 2 hours


Myofascial Ultra Stretch Therapy package is a combination of therapies designed to target the neck, back and shoulders. This package focuses on the areas of the body where most people experience common pains and when massage is the best choice for pain relief. Most people get headaches, and experience pain due to tightness and tension in the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.

Although your back, neck, and shoulders are targeted during this massage, this is a full body massage incorporating myofascial & stretching release techniques. Myofascial therapy releases muscles shortness and tightness that restrict movement and/or cause pain.

Additionally, a mineral scrub is applied to the back and removed with hot towels. This allows the peppermint essential oil to absorb into the skin. Peppermint essential oil applied topically is believed to decrease headaches, nausea, muscles aches and joint pain.

Price: $225

Valued At: $335

“Think of it as a 50,000 mile tune-up for your body”- William Tsung/Soft Tissue Specialist

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