Our Frequently Asked Questions


We are owned and operated by massage therapists. All of our therapists are required to have three years experience, complete in-house training, and continually train to work here.  Our massages are not your typical spa massage. It incorporates additional advanced modalities to provide an enhanced and all-be-it a more effective and consistent treatment than other spas.  Awarded Best Spa in  2019 and Best Massage in Plano & Frisco in 2018, 2019 & 2022!

No.  Nonetheless, we do require a credit card to hold the appointment in the event of last-minute schedule changes or cancellations.  The card will be encrypted and safeguarded.  However, you may also book online for your convenience and discretion.  At checkout, you will have the option to pay with the card you booked with or another form of payment to complete the transaction.

– 24-hour notification is required to avoid a cancellation fee. 

– Same-day cancellations or rescheduling requests 2 hours prior to your appointment will result in a 50% fee off the scheduled service.

– Last minute cancellations, appointment changes within 2 hours of your scheduled appointment and “No -Call & No Shows” will result in a charge for the full service. If you are a member, a package will be redeemed for each hour of service if applicable.

Absolutely, depending on the type of session, day, time, holiday and therapist availability, we can accommodate up to a party of 8.  A 50% deposit will be required at least a week prior to the day of the event.  Any party over 3 guests will need to designate a single person to be responsible for the transaction and deposit.  A mandatory 20% gratuity will be added at checkout.  Please contact our spa director to help make this a success.

This massage is highly recommended following a full body cleanse, illness or surgical procedure. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique focusing on the surface layer of the skin using long, soft strokes to manually encourage the flow of lymph to be filtered out of the body. This process is great for reducing localized swelling and overall pain reduction. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is often recommended for post-surgical procedures or illness. Lymphatic drainage massage can also be combined with sessions in our far-infrared sauna as an additional way to reduce overall inflammation, and promote healing and overall wellness in the body. CLICK HERE for more.

Gift cards and gift certificates are valid for 18 months after purchase and all sales are final and are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Our gift cards and gift certificates may be redeemed for any service.  Tips are excluded.  Gift cards and certificates are valid 18 months after purchase.  A valid gift card or gift certificate must be present at the time of checkout.  We DO NOT accept 3rd party gift cards, certificates, or coupons like Groupon, Spafinder, etc…

All of our therapists are experienced and trained in both Eastern and Western techniques. All of our massages are customized based on your needs and therapist’s observation. We do not charge extra for therapeutic work. For more information CLICK HERE. 

Yes if you have already started your 2nd trimester (13th week+).  It is NOT recommended in the 1st trimester unless you have your doctor’s recommendation.

Any child under the age of 13yrs, cannot be left unattended or remain in the service room while you are being treated.

Yes. For a Swedish massage, if the child is between 9-14yrs as long as the parent or legal guardian is present at all times.  14+ years requires legal guardians’ consent and reason for service.  

For ages 8- 13 years old junior athletes look at maintaining and repairing their muscle tissue, ligament, and joint health while maintaining a rigorous workout for state, national or international competition.  (14+ years of age is the Olympic standard for physical adult competition and is subject to an adult treatment fee)

 It is recommended to rehydrate soon after.  In addition, your therapist will provide you with additional after-care tasks if necessary depending on their findings and the type of treatment you received.

Members get highly discounted prices, priority booking, and much more. Memberships can be shared with up to four people in one household. Signup today and begin saving on your next visit! 

We do not accept health insurance, medicare or Medicaid.  We do accept FSA & HSA cards.  We will provide you the receipt with the CPT code for you to file the claim on your own. upon request.  We do not guarantee it will be approved.  We recommend checking with your insurance provider for further details. 

Prepaid packages can only be used for the type of service it was originally intended for.  If you purchased 5 packages of 60-minute massage sessions, they cannot be exchanged for a different service or transferred or shared with someone else.  There are 365  days to use up all five packages from the time of purchase before they expire.

 Masks are not required, but are welcomed.  We respect your privacy as well as the privacy of our staff members and do not require your vaccination status. For additional information please click HERE

Gratuities are greatly appreciated but not required. Most people tip around 25-30% for a spa service based on your overall experience.  To put it into perspective, when you go out for dinner it is customary to leave your server 20-25% gratuity who happens to serve several other customers or parties simultaneously. Whereas your therapist only has one client to attend to that time, you and has never left your side. 

  Appointments will officially cancel 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time and you will be charged for the full price of the service. With proper notice of late arrival, we will do our best to accommodate your scheduled appointment. Depending on subsequent appointments, we may be able to provide you with your full or partial scheduled appointment time. If there is a partial appointment due to late arrival, you will be charged the full amount of the original scheduled appointment.

If this is your first visit please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you have time to fill out your intake form and use the lavatory if necessary. If you are a biological female, please be aware of your monthly cycle, as this can affect your experience.

Honor the environment with silence; it is one of tranquility and relaxation. Remember that your treatment will end on time so that the next guest is not delayed. The use of cell phones, cameras and electronic devices is not permitted in the spa. Arrive early. Don’t cheat yourself out of your relaxation time.

 Benefits of massage include improved range of motion, management of anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and overall improved quality of life. For more information, CLICK HERE. 

WTF actually stands for William Tsung’s Formula for massage.  These are sessions conducted only by our one and only soft tissue specialist, Will, who incorporates multiple modalities including high level techniques and skill sets that has made him one of DFW’s preeminent expert in bodywork recovery and sports massage.  Rates differ from other services.

We do take walk-ins, but recommend booking in advance.  Depending on the therapist, day or season, it can range from same day to 3 weeks.  You may also book online and see what are available and most convenient for you. 


Yes after you begin the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy.  We do recommend to consult with your doctor prior to booking.  Please let us know what week of your pregnancy you are in so that the therapist can make the appropriate accommodations.

The fluid can build up so much in one place in your tissues that the muscle of the area can appear inflamed. Massage can break up these knots, which may cause a bruise to form. But in this case, your body benefits from what is going on underneath, as fresh blood can now get through well again.

Membership cancellations must give 30 day prior notice via email. Once a member cancels their membership they cannot renew within 360 days unless authorized by management. Members will have 90days to redeem remaining packages before they become null and void.  Cannot be used consecutively with a freezing period.  If so, it will be retrograded to the initiation freeze date.  You will have 90 days to redeem your packages.   During that time, your rates will reflect nonmember status and subject to any remaining balance.  We recommend using all credits before cancelling.

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