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Face Reality Skincare is an award-winning acne brand dedicated to helping you get clear, healthy skin and making you feel your absolute best, through partnership with Certified Acne Experts. Our community of Certified Acne Experts are highly trained skincare professionals who are committed to providing life-changing results and celebrating people and their skin at every step of their journey.


Duration: 45 minutes 



We will assess and evaluate your individual lifestyle that may contribute to your acne breakouts. We will then determine a treatment plan that is recommended for your specific type of acne with our certified acne expert.

*A must to proceed to the next step* 



Duration: 75 minutes 


Must have had acne consultation prior to booking this treatment.*

This treatment is tailored to hydrate, balance, clear acne impactions and prepare the skin for the home care regimen. Each treatment is customized to what your skin needs during the appointment. 




The Boot Camp is a 3-6 month process with your commitment
to use the prescribed acne safe products exclusively  commit to change​your diet, lifestyle, makeup, etc.

The ‘FACE REALITY’ Acne Program has proven to work with a success rate of 90%.

Most see a significant improvement within 12 weeks!

Acne is a mysterious disorder, but one thing IS for sure – it can be controlled with the right combination of products used in the correct way. Just as in a clogged drain, the pore must be treated with products that unclog it, keep it unclogged and kill the acne bacteria.  Face Reality Acne Program gives you the tools and treatments to do just this.

Face Reality Acne Boot Camp specializes in treating moderate to severe Inflamed, non-inflamed and combination acne.  It has a clear-skin system that will have your acne under control in about three to four months depending on  your type of acne. It combines the power of clinical-grade home-care products that are customized for your type of acne and skin with a series of bi-monthly or monthly treatments that facilitate the clearing of your skin. We also teach you about other aggravating factors that make you break out – foods, medications, cosmetics,  stress, and common ingredients in skin care formulations that might be clogging your  pores (even professional and prescription products!).

We hand pick your home-care products after analyzing your skin and doing a skin test we perform at your first treatment. Your home-care products are specifically formulated for acneic skin and guaranteed not to clog your pores. Your home-care use of ONLY these products will be used morning and night, combined with in-spa treatments will bring you to the result you have been hoping for – clear skin!

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